Let’s Get Started

Pin EarthMapsAndDirections to your browser for easy access when managing the app. Simply click on the puzzle icon in the upper right corner of your browser and click the pin icon next to EarthMapsAndDirections in the list.

Use Your Extension

Learn how to use EarthMapsAndDirections extension with these few steps...

Start typing desired address

Click on the input field and start typing an address. Pick your location from prediction list to add it to your route.


Reorder your stops

If you need to reorder your stops, click and hold handle bar on the right. Then just simply pull it up or down to make change.


Remove a stop

Quickly remove any unwanted stop by simply clicking and dragging it off of the panel and it's gone — as simple as that!

Manage your Extension

Learn how to use EarthMapsAndDirections extension with few simple tips below...

Activate extension window

Simply click on the floating action button on any website you are visiting and open your extension.


How to disable action button?

To hide extension button from page, hover it and click hamburger button to get more options.


How to enable action button?

Find extension icon in the toolbar and click. And then just activate Enable extension everywhere.